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  Software Development Using The Latest Tools  

SoftTech Design, Inc. offers complete software development services: from planning and creating specs for a system to development, maintanence and documentation. We create custom Java and WIndows applications for our clients. Request more information.



  Website Design and Hosting  

SoftTech designs websites using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks, mySQL database, and a variety of programming languages such as Java, ASP, PHP, Perl, and Delphi. We can develop anything from a simple "presence" website to complex e-commerce websites using SSL and mySQL. Our developers are Sun Java Programmer certified and have written numerous articles related to Java software development.

With our virtual dedicated Apache web server, we can host your website too. And with multiple T3 lines and over 99% uptime, our server is fast and reliable. Request more information.


  Database Development  
  Let SoftTech Design create your database for you. With our expert knowledge of Oracle, MS SQL Server, mySQL, Access, Paradox and Interbase, we develop efficient and highly normalized, relational databases (including stored procedures, triggers, and SQL reports). We are also experienced in porting or converting databases from one format to another. Request more information.

SoftTech Design has been a proud supporter of Nice-World.org, a non-profit dedicated to the recovery of the homeless. To learn more or donate time or money to this worthy cause, please visit the website at www.Nice-World.org.

Java Applets, Servlets
Web Services, OGC
EJB, JSP, JSF, Struts, JBoss
Sun Java2 Programmer Certified
BEA Weblogic Server (J2EE) Certified
Client-Server dev.
Game and multimedia CD-ROM development
Components authoring
Linux dev. using Clix
Website design using Dreamweaver/Fireworks
CGI in Perl and Delphi
JSP, Java servlets, applets, and Javascript
Oracle and PL/SQL
MS SQL Server and Transact-SQL
MySQL, HSQL, Interbase, Access, Paradox
Stored procs, triggers
C++ and Visual Basic
Windows, Linux, Tru64
Training, Documentation
GIS, ESRI MapObjects
COM, Corba, RMI, UML




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