SSH Navigator v1.04
Secure File Transfer and Management Using SSH/SFTP
For Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and UNIX


Navigate local and remote file systems, copy, move, delete, sort, cancel transfers, and change file attributes with this easy to use client SSH/SFTP application. Stores connection information for all your favorite sites, so you just type it in once. It uses the SSH-2 protocol for the ultimate in security.

There are two ways to run SSH Navigator
-using Java Web Start
-by downloading the application and unzipping it

Version History
Version 1.04 - fixes directory listing bug on Macs and on some flavors of Linux
Do I need to install Java and Java Web Start first?
Many computers already have Java and Java Web Start installed (it comes standard with Linux and Mac computers). If the "launch SSH Navigator" link below starts the program, you are all set! If you don't already have Java on your system, you can download it from here. You only need to install the Java Runtime Edition (or JRE).
Run SSH Navigator using Java Web Start Option (recommended)
After you run it the first time, you can either click on this link to run it again, or you can launch it directly from the Java Web Start console (there is probably an icon on your desktop).
Run SSH Navigator Locally (after downloading and unzipping) Option
Download SSH Navigator (zip file) to try it out. (278 kb)
Simply download SSH Navigator into a directory of your choosing (e.g. c:\sshNav) and unzip it. Then run "runSSHNav.bat" (under Windows) or "runSSHNav" (under Linux) to launch the program. You can even place a shortcut on your desktop.
SSH Navigator is Shareware

Try it for 30 days and if you like it, use your credit card to purchase a license for it for $19.95 (U.S.)

paypal one copy ($19.95)
paypal 10 copy license ($14.95 each)


Screen Shots (reduced in size)


Right-click menus enable you to quickly access any program feature.


Save your connection settings as a profile, so you can easily access it later.


You can even change the permissions on remote files using the File Properties window.


  Technical Info and Troubleshooting Tips

SSH Navigator requires Java 1.4 or later to run. You can download the Java (JRE) here

If you click on the "launch" link above and nothing happens, then Java web start isn't configured correctly on your computer. If you haven't already installed Java web start, download it from here. If you have installed it and your browser still doesn't work, your browser doesn't understand the .jnlp MIME type (this type needs to be associated with javaws (in the Java\bin directory) in order to launch).

If you are running Mac OS-X (version 10.3.1 or later), Java Web Start is already installed. Most versions of Linux also have Java installed (although Web Start might not be configured correctly). For more information on configuring/installing Java Web Start, go here.

SSH Navigator stores your connection profiles (but no passwords) in a file called SSH-Navigator.cfg in your home directory. On Linux systems, your home directory is usually in a directory called /home/jsmith or /usr/home/jsmith (assuming your user name is jsmith). On Windows XP systems, your home directory would be something like C:\Documents and Settings\jsmith (assuming your username is jsmith). If this file becomes corrupted, you can just delete it and the software will re-generate it.




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